Play To Win

I’m gonna start this off by saying that winning isn’t everything but you should always be playing to win. Recently, I’ve started to play pool again for the first time in many years. Currently, I am not super worried about winning any of these games. Sure I'll probably get one here and there but I am mostly focused on thinking about how I can get better. In the game of pool there is almost always a shot, but when you are inexperienced you can’t always see it. Then, when you can, you’re still unsure how to execute it.

When I am playing these games right now I am very focused on my precision, learning how to hit the angles, and giving myself the best possible chance to get the ball in the pocket. However, when I see an opportunity to take a risk that may yield me higher rewards, I am going to take it. In the beginning I’m either going to miss a lot or get really lucky, but over time I am going to start seeing these shots. This is because of repetition and eliminating what doesn’t work.

The same can be said for business and realistically life in general. Take me starting this clothing line for example. It’s not like I opened the website now bringing in $100,000 a month like all these people selling webinars are telling you will happen. That’s a win. I made a small profit my first month. That’s a win. I am doing a lot of trial and error to see what works and doesn't, to see what's worth it and what isn’t. I am playing to win but I’m not worried about the championship right now. As the Philadelphia 76ers would say: “Trust the process.”

The point is to play to win but play to win in the long term and don't put so much pressure on the short term expectations. Don’t rush into things being unprepared. Take your time to learn the game. Talk to those who you know are good at the game and ask their advice. This goes for business and any of your relationships in life. You are going to make mistakes and THAT’S OK as long as you learn from them. As far as these games of pool are concerned right now I am just going to have a lot of fun learning and playing but when I figure out all my moves ya’ll better watch out.


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